Portland Materials


Material Pertaining to the City of Portland investigation of Portland General Electric
and Pacificorp

Materials from PUC meeting with City of Portland and Portland General Electric – March 13, 2006
1.   PGE Response to Oregon PUC Report (March 2, 2006) – March 13, 2006
2.   David Jubb’s documents on LLCs and PGE – March 13, 2006
3.   Dan Meek’s Report on the Oregon Report (March 2, 2006) – March 13, 2006

City of Portland Review of Public Utility Commission Memo regarding Portland General Electric – March 13, 2006
(download as .pdf)

Attachments, referenced in footnotes of Review

PUC Staff Review of the Portland City Attorney’s “Report on Documents received from Portland General Electric pursuant to Resolution No. 36337 (Substitute)” and Other Matters.

1999 PGE Energy Trading Policies & Procedures

Report of Investigation by the Special Investigative Committee of the Board of Directors of Enron Corp. by William C. Powers, Jr. et al.

LJM Investments: July 21, 2000 Letter on Investment Portfolio of LJM2

Department of Justice Press Release: Former Enron Vice President Christopher Calger Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy and Agrees to Cooperate.

Oregon PUC: February 24, 2000 Disposition: Application Granted.

Global Galactic Agreement

Timothy Belden Plea Agreement

Andrew Fastow Plea Agreement

Jeff Richter Plea Agreement

John Forney Plea Agreement

Trading Activities by Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp, and Idaho Power Company during the Western Electricity Crisis of 2000-01: Did They Violate Any Oregon Statutes, Rules, or Orders? Oregon Public Utility Commission Staff April 29, 2003

E102- 1 14-000 Commission Staffs Statement of Asserted Violations

April 1 5th Incremental Sheet Showing Death Star Transactions

June 6, 2001 Email String between Dan Dietrich and Richard Sanders, RE: Data Files Needed.

Oregonian Article; PGE Files Action to Block State Trading Investigation, November 27, 2003

Stoel Rives December 6, 2000 Memorandum from Christian Yoder & Stephan Hall to Richard Sanders

June 6, 2002 Letter from Peggy Fowler to Chairman Pat Wood

December 18, 2003 Order Approving Uncontested Partial Settlement

November 10, 2003 Presiding Judge’s Certification of Uncontested Partial Settlement and Comments and Comments Concerning Commission Consideration

FERC Final Report, Chapter V. The Influence of Electricity Spot Prices on Electricity; Forward Prices.

City of Portland meets with Public Utility Commission regarding Portland General Electric – March 2, 2006

Support Materials provided by McCullough Research
1.   Yoder Hall Memo
2.   Discovery Response Cover Letter for Enpower
3.   Discovery Response Cover Letter for Inc Sheets
4.   Sanctions against Enron for CDMS materials
5.   FERC Staff Revised Statement of Violations under EL02-114
6.   PGE Inventory of Materials provided under PA02-2-000 Information Release
7.   PGE Response to FERC’s proposed order of making PA02-2-000 Materials Public
8.   Final FERC Order on making PA02-2-000 Materials Public
9.   Emails between Enron and PGE regarding taxes in Multnomah County
10. Christopher Calger Press Release of Indictment, July 2005
11. LJM II Letter on the purchase of Coyote Springs (regarding Andy Fastow)
12. PGE Posting Violations Presentation to the OPUC
13. PGE Email Showing Trading Data to Enron Officials

Materials received at Meeting – March 2, 2006
1.  Memo from PDX Commissioner Leonard & Stern to PUC & PGE
2.  PDX Commissioner Leonard Report on PGE Tax issues presented to PUC
3.  PUC Staff Report on PGE Issues
4.  PUC Staff Report on PGE tas & trading presented at PUC Meeting
5.  PUC Staff Presentation on PGE Issues

Oregonian Article regarding the PUC Meeting – March 3, 2006
(download .pdf)

Enron and Portland General Electric Tax Emails
Enron and Portland General Electric sent each other emails about schemes involving the City of Portland taxes.
Tax Email 1
Tax Email 2
Tax Email 3
Tax Email 4
Tax Email5
Tax Email 6
Tax Email 7

Docket No. PA02-2-000 Affidavits
PA02-2-000 was Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) investigation of many energy companies. It was a “Fact-Finding Investigation of Potential Manipulation of Electric and Natural Gas Prices”
Pacificorp Affidavit
Portland General Electric Affidavit Section 1
Portland General Electric Affidavit Section 2 – Operation Logs

Deathstar Templates
Portland General Electric admitted to 17 days in which they took part in market manipulations. McCullough Research has prepared templates for many of those days.
Deathstar Templates

FERC Staff Statement of Asserted Violations
The Commission Staff released a statement of asserted violations.
Staff Statement

Portland General Electric Response to FERC Statement of Asserted Violations
PGE Response to Staff

Portland General Electric Presentation
On November 6, 2002 PGE gave a presentation on Posting Errors to the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC).
PGE Presentation to PUC

Portland General Electric Response Inventory
An inventory of PGE’s response materials to the Commission Staff Data Request No. 001
PGE Response Inventory

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Release of PA02-2-000
On March 21, 2003 FERC released the PA02-2-000 Materials.
PA02 Materials Release

Portland General Electric Response to FERC Release of PA02-0-000
PGE Response to PA02 Materials Release