Keeping up-to-date on industry news and feeling the pulse of the local community is a vital part of our role at McCullough Research. Whether it be monitoring electricity prices or scouting plans for large-scale energy projects, current events shape our opinions and fuel our reactions.

The Academus Project

McCullough Research and Portland State University are sponsoring the Academus Project, which enhances student achievement and improves college readiness by introducing computer technology to dual credit high school and college classes.

BPA Watch
BPA Watch is an independent web site providing news, analysis and commentary about the Bonneville Power Administration.

Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association
McCullough Research is located in the Eastmoreland neighborhood of Portland, OR, and is a proud member of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission PA02-2-000 Information Release
On March 21, 2003, FERC made public materials from the PA02-2-000 docket.

Federated Rural Electric Insurance Company
McCullough Research has provided advice and support to Federated Rural Electric Insurance Company and TIG Insurance about litigation concerning the canal embankment collapse of a hydroelectric project in Cowlitz County, WA.

Manitoba Hydro (Whistleblower)
Andrew David Cormie is a Professional Engineer and Division Manager of the Power Sales and Operations Divisions (PSO) of the Manitoba-Hydro Electric Board.  His Affidavit responds to some of the concerns raised by a former consultant of Manitoba Hydro.

Manitoba Cree
McCullough Research has assisted the Pimicikamak Cree Nation to help resolve myriad problems caused by existing and future hydroelectric projects.

Materials relating to an investigation by the City of Portland, Oregon
McCullough Research has assisted the City of Portland in an investigation of Portland General Electric (PGE) and related entities.

Portland, Oregon, City Commissioner Randy Leonard
McCullough Research has assisted Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard in his efforts to establish more transparency relationship between local utility PGE and Portland ratepayers.

Power Economics
McCullough Research and Power Economics have collaborated on behalf of Snohomish PUD No. 1 versus Enron.

Redefining Progress
Robert McCullough is a board member of Redefining Progress, an organization which which “works with a broad array of partners to shift the economy and public policy towards sustainability.”

Robert Young, Managing Director,
McCullough Research often works with Robert Young, managing partner, and his staff.

Snohomish Public Utility District No. 1
McCullough Research has assisted Snohomish PUD No. 1 since FERC opened Docket No. PA02-2-000 concerning Enron’s market manipulation.

Veterans’ Hospital Association, Inc.
McCullough Research has successfully assisted VHA Inc. with bulk power purchasing for its member hospitals in the United States.

Wah Chang
McCullough Research assists litigation lead by Wah Chang against PacifiCorp concerning the recovery of losses incurred in the Western Energy Crisis of 2000-2001.