Providing support in energy litigation, negotiation, and research to governments, industries, utilities, and aboriginal peoples from California to Quebec.


Providing support in energy litigation, negotiation, and research to governments, industries, utilities, and aboriginal peoples from California to Quebec.

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Bitcoin mining revives forgotten US industrial towns

The National, Rob Crilly

Robert McCullough of McCullough Research, an energy consultancy in Oregon, said there were clear advantages for electricity companies at a time when consumption was dropping along with prices.

“The issue is simple. The energy crisis is over. We have vast surpluses emerging in the US and Canada. And that’s good news,” he says.

“The question is, is this a suitable load for a utility?”

Final EIS published for Bellevue-based Puget Sound Energy’s Energize Eastside project

Bellview Reporter, Raechel Dawson

CENSE said they retained energy experts to testify at public permit hearings in the coming months. One such expert is Robert McCullough, a Portland-based energy economist whose investigative work led to the criminal convictions of Enron after the California energy crisis in 2001, CENSE officials state.

“PSE still relies on 20th-century technology, instead of 21st century options like battery storage and smart technology,” McCullough is quoted in the news release. “PSE should stop using outdated technology to serve one of the world’s most vital technological centers.”

Oregon’s Cheap Hydropower Attracts a Swarm of Bitcoin Miners, Jamie Redman

According to local reports, cryptocurrency miners are finding themselves traveling the ‘Oregon Trail’ for cheap and reliable electricity. Terrence Thurber operates the biggest mining operation in the state called Oregonmines in a small town called Dalles. There are roughly 12 more mining operations in the Oregon, and Robert McCullough of Portland General Electric (PGE) says more facilities are on the way. However, McCullough is not too impressed by the mining movement staking claim in Oregon.

“We may well become the center of crypto-mining in the world,” the PGE consultant McCullough told the local press.

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PGE study: low-carbon grid is doable, affordable

The Oregonian, Ted Sickinger

“The utilities should love this” future, said Robert McCullough, a Portland energy consultant, noting that utilities don’t earn a rate of return on their fuel costs, only the capital they invest in hardware. “This is a lot of new hardware.”

Taking the path less followed

Vancouver Sun, Robert McCullough

A month ago, I had the honour of sitting down with the NDP cabinet and Premier John Horgan. I gave a detailed presentation why proceeding with Site C would be costly and risky. Curiously, after the cabinet meeting the only followup involved questions from specific MLAs — not inquiries from the cabinet or their staff.

Opinion: Site C proponents fall prey to Sunk Costs Fallacy

Vancouver Sun, Robert McCullough

This fallacy, which is related to status-quo bias, can also be viewed as bias resulting from an ongoing commitment. For example, individuals sometimes order too much food and then over-eat ‘just to get their money’s worth.’ Similarly, a person may have a $20 ticket to a concert and then drive for hours through a blizzard, just because s/he feels that s/he has to attend due to having made the initial investment. If the costs outweigh the benefits, the extra costs incurred (inconvenience, time or even money) are held in a different mental account than the one associated with the ticket transaction.

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Are Bitcoin Miners Suitable Electric Loads?

Recent press reports indicate that a substantial electric market may be emerging for these tariff sensitive, highly mobile loads. Given North America’s falling energy prices, some utilities may find these attractive customers. There may also be significant downsides as well.